The Dream World Collective

Five friends quit their jobs to change the world. Rent looms. Hilarity ensues.

Sort of like Friends, but with more art, geekery, and tea.

The Dream World CollectiveZen: Mystic, writer, barefoot muffin-baker. Is his quirky perception of reality an asset or a liability?

Otto: A consummate geek with a cadre of imaginary gremlinoid friends. Can he overcome the lure of virtual success to win at real life?

Sushi: A Japanispanglo firestorm of creativity and punches. Can she ride the wild emotions that inspire her art without self-destructing?

Alex: A skilled craftsman, a lover of quality, always responsible. But is hard work really enough to make a joyful life? And just how far will he go to help less responsible friends?

Summer: Plants gardens and fights The Man. Will her idealism survive real-world close quarters with the people she loves?

Read a free sample: The Dream World Collective, Chapters 1-14

DWC 1 Text Art Flat


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