You Can Help Unleash Two Great Minds Upon the World!

Hi friends!

My friend Kate‘s husband Daniel just got accepted in to Yale Divinity School. Which is awesome! And really expensive. Please join me in helping them out at Even if you can’t give, sharing this message to help spread the word is huge help.

They’re a very promising young author and a very promising young theologian, respectively, and every dollar we can give now is multiple dollars of loans + interest they don’t have to pay back later, meaning we will have unleashed two great talents upon the artistic and intellectual world that much sooner.

I want skillful writers and thinkers to be able to do what they do in the world without having to be held back by massive debts and financial obstacles. If you agree, please join me in giving at

For great justice!


    1. My pleasure! As one halfway out from under financial obstacles to really doing what I feel intensely called to in the world, and desperate to be all the way out, I’m eager to help other driven, talented, interesting people get past the logistical preliminaries and into the heart of doing what only they can do in and for the world.

      Also, not sure what arrangements if any you have in place for getting TCD edited, but I might be able to offer cheap or free line edits. I’m good at that kind of thing. Let me know if that would be helpful and I’ll figure out details. If you’ve already got someone lined up, no worries.

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      1. Thank you. I do not have any commitments made. I do have a company I am looking into, but I will definitely keep your offer in mind. I really appreciate it. Right now, I’m deciding what kinds of editing I want and waiting for the intial beta reading feedback.


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