Time for Some Comfort Food (+ Language Nerdery!)

Oh, man. This one brings it all together, guys. I love homemade mac & cheese, which this is. I require crunchies on top, which this has. And my obscure favorite shaped pasta is cavatappi, which is apparently also known as cellentani – who knew?

It’s all here at Dog-Eared & Dog-Tagged: The Best Mac & Cheese You Will Ever Eat

That feels like it would have been enough. But this goes way beyond recipes.

For example, she also manages to enhance XKCD #1443 (“I just legit adverbed “legit,”…) with a clever original caption and with a nifty etymological bonus.

I’m happy I found this. It’s a good Thursday.

Source: Dog-Eared & Dog-Tagged


  1. Thanks for the linkage! Just FYI, I didn’t make up the caption—it’s the alt-text of the original comic. When I post XKCD cartoons I usually put the alt-text in the caption because if you’re not a regular XKCD reader, you probably won’t think to hover over the comic like you would on the site.

    PS: I only recently discovered that cavatappi = cellantini, although I knew it as cellantini first! (That’s what the Barilla boxes say, so…) Hope you enjoy the recipe!! 🙂


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